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Hydrotherapy Pool


Studies have shown that hydrotherapy can improve strength and general fitness in people with various conditions. The warmth of the water typically 34 Degrees C, allows your muscles to relax and eases pain and discomfort, helping people to exercise in a more comfortable warm environment. The water supports your weight, which helps you increase the range of body movement. The water can be used to provide resistance to movement by pushing your arms and legs against the water you can also improve your muscle strength. As with any physical activity we recommend that you do not push yourselves too hard and consult a medical professional before commencing any new exercise regime.

A hoist is available for ease of access from the changing room to the pool, with instruction provided for users from staff at hand to answer your questions. Our Hydropool is also a great environment for those looking to improve general water confidence. Ideal for babies and toddlers who can struggle to regulate their body temperature, even our changing area is warm and snugly, so no chilly shivers when exiting the water. The intimate size and nature of the hydropool also overcomes the concerns that some find with the echoing expanses and volumes of people that can be found in larger public pools.

So whatever you are looking for from your session in the Hydropool, relaxation, a gentle workout, water confidence or some simple pool fun with family and friends the choice is yours.
Open to all, our timetable has a range of sessions to suit all needs. You can hire the pool for your or your family and friend's exclusive use. We recommend a maximum of 6-8 people (more if babies are included) in the pool at any one time, you can join one of our ladies or men only sessions and we have Splish Splash sessions designed for 1:1 parent and baby or toddler time. You can even hire the pool as part of one of our fantastic Birthday Party packages! A full timetable can be seen below.

Booking is made simple by our online booking facility, select “Book Online Now” and then “Hydropool” from the menu or the red button above to see what sessions are available.

After your Hydrotherapy session why not pop into our café for refreshments and a bite to eat.


“What a fabulous facility you have at Compass Wellbeing.  We’ve had a session in the hydropool and I cannot recommended it enough. The pool is beautifully warm and the changing areas are superb.  What a luxury to have a pool to ourselves!  Our 3 year old boys are often nervous swimmers in public swimming pools and get cold easily but we had to drag them out at the end!  It really is a hidden gem. Thank you Compass and the lovely staff who were very helpful and welcoming. “ (Sian Worley)




You can call us on 01823 475250 or
email us at info@compasswellbeing.org.uk to find out more information.